The Company

IOT Global Pte. Ltd. is an entrepreneurial-minded boutique consulting firm and from our prior experiences in applying lean manufacturing principles and operations management techniques in context of large scale operations, we have developed expertise in business process management and system integration. Our consulting team has successfully delivered solutions in various industries such as offshore & marine, financial services, logistics, and aerospace. We also work with a broad spectrum of clients, from the largest multinationals to small, new ventures.

The Offerings

We offer the full spectrum of services to our clients to help them achieve world-class operational excellence. Through consulting, we will diagnose clients' situation, identify opportunities for improvement, and make customized proposals. A good proposal or idea is never enough, and we want to make sure that solutions are practical and can be implemented. We will see through the fulfillment of the performance improvement initiatives tapping on our expertise in delivering a workable solutions. What's more, we do not see a consulting engagement as a mere business activity but as an education opportunity to transfer our knowledge and prompt awareness of system and lean thinking to a larger audience.

The IOT Culture

The IOT culture is deeply rooted in a set of ethos and values that serves as a foundation for all that we do. IOT provides research based consulting, that involves advice and problem solving based on innovative and rigorous analysis of the client's problem. We link people, process and technology to help them achieve profound sustainable change, culminating in implementation with information technology expertise. Our fact based, analytical and customized approaches combined with a commitment to creating actionable solutions and working with our clients to drive implementation provides our clients with a compelling value proposition for their consulting investment. We work in partnership with our clients to help them design and align their business around changing customer priorities, economics and environments by achieving significant and measurable results. We add value to each client engagement by seamlessly bringing together in depth service skills with industry expertise.

We aim to help our clients manage their businesses by delivering knowledge based services through the following key areas:

We look forward to forge long term alliance with our clients and bring independence and freshness of view. We deliver quality results through forming effective working team with our clients in discovering problems and resolving them; identifying opportunities and realizing them.