Companies in virtually every sector are forced to respond to market changes faster, become more efficient if they are to maintain competitiveness and increase growth. We understand those imperatives faced by clients and are committed to applying lean thinking principles and operations management techniques to help clients achieve world-class operational excellence through an efficient and effective business process. This includes:

Process Optimisation: Market changes, business evolves, and so does process. What have been serving companies well for years in past may not be able to reflect new changes and result in inefficiency. With focus on the manufacturing sector, we will help clients to re-look at their process / work flow from a systems perspective, and redesign these processes as necessary to kick redundancy and inefficiency out of system to enhance overall performance.

Supply Chain Management: Customers in every market have become better informed, more demanding, and increasingly sophisticated. Without superb service, companies are doomed to fail. Effective supply chain management is vital if companies are to improve customer experience and gain share. With expertise in logistics operations, we can provide clients with innovative and customized supply chain solutions that can reduce cost and lead time while improving service level.



It is always easier said than done. The fulfillment service enables us to focus on solutions development and implementation. More often than not, the key to a successful implementation of proposal is the integration of redesigned business process with information systems. From our experience, the challenge for a business process and IT integration is not so much about employing state-of-the-art technologies, but how to fulfill business needs with features of information systems. This includes:

System Integration Solutions: The targeted customers of this service are companies that are at colonies' stage as defined in Organization Evolution Model. We will evaluate situation faced by clients and choose a proper tool for systems integration. We can help clients develop Microsoft Office based VBA program solutions to communicate with other enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems or automate certain manual tasks. We can also customize existing ERP systems to cater for new business needs. The idea is to help clients control cost and risk of implementation by leveraging on their existing software licenses.

Data Modeling and Analysis: Sometimes clients do not need changes in existing process. What they want is insights gained from their operational transaction data to help them make informed decision. Equipped with statistical analysis techniques and specialized software, we can provide standalone data modeling and analysis services to our client within a short time frame. Examples include projection of demand for a particular product, and identification of factors for certain product failure.



We take transfer of ideas and knowledge to clients seriously because we believe a lean-thinking client can better appreciate process improvement efforts and hence result in more business opportunities. Training workshops provided include following subjects:

Lean Thinking: Lean manufacturing techniques are derived from Toyota, which derived many of them in turn from Henry Ford's breakthroughs at Highland Park early in the 20th Century. The trend now is more and more service industries such as banking are also adopting the fundamental ideas behind lean manufacturing to achieve cost saving. The workshop will give an introduction to these useful concepts.

Process Mapping: Process mapping is a powerful tool to diagnose current process and identify possible improvement opportunities in any process optimization projects. We would like our clients to learn those techniques through the workshop so that they can perform such checks internally before they approach external consultants.