Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. It supports the sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support activities by using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes. This results in enabling organizations to acquire and retain customers and reduce the time that must be spent on administrative tasks.

1. Current top CRM trends include social media integration and optimization, multi-channel publishing, customer experience and data analytics.

2. Rapid adoption of social networking enables users to connect with individuals and communities who share mutual interests and as a result, companies require a more effective and organized approach to connect business units, partners, customers, etc on the social web. Social CRM (sCRM) augments value by providing a dynamic new channel to the existing end to end CRM proceses. Social CRM allows organizations to reconnect to the customers by focusing on the interactions and adopting an outside in approach.

3. Every business needs to publish and collect information from multiple channels to get connected. This includes Face to Face, Phone, Email, Chat / SMS, Mobile, Online Web, etc. There is a need for an enterprise tools to allow them to operate via these different channels effectively.

4. With the focus on improving customer experience, companies today require to have a 360-degree view of the customer. There is a need to offer a consistent experience across all company touch points and develop the infrastructure that allows for knowledge sharing and smart communication.

5. With the introduction of more effective CRM processes, it results in more structured data collection. Science is fast overshadowing the art of customer relationships. With the help of CRM tools, companies today can better perform data analytics and mining, to uncover customer insights, behavior, trends, segmentation, innovations, and performance metrics, etc. more effectively and efficiently than ever before.


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MS Dynamics CRM

Our MS Dynamics CRM practice is dedicated to providing quality service and value backed by our experience and resources to optimize customer's cost of ownership and maximize return on technology investment.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the hugely popular CRM solution from Microsoft, mainly due to its high flexibility, functionality, familiarity and reliability. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 includes some 500 new features, functions, and technologies in addition to better open access across multiple devices, the cloud, and tight integration to Microsoft’s powerful and popular Office productivity suite and SharePoint document management and enterprise data repository solution. The following are the key features:

Code in the Cloud - Although the hosted environment currently provides many benefits for the businesses which use it, it has one major problem - You can't deploy custom code to the cloud. This means that currently the hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform cannot handle advanced customisations, integration and bespoke components. However the code in the cloud feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 will enable you to do this, making the solution highly customisable.

Dashboards - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 includes extremely impressive dashboards which can be role tailored, individually tailored and fully contextual. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 take dashboards to a new level, they could be used as a mini Business Intelligence Tool to manage any aspect of your business. From customer care to sales pipeline and everything in between.

Enhanced Familiarity - One of the key benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is it's familiarity. Experience shows that with Microsoft Solutions there is often higher user uptake because the software looks so familiar for users. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, this has been taken even further and the latest version looks and feels more like outlook than ever before. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has panels for reading CRM records, user customisations and flagging, categorisation and grouping of CRM records.

Role Tailored Client - This is something which has been hugely popular within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Essentially role tailored client removes all the information which a user doesn't need to see from their workstation, customising the solution to their needs and requirements. Role Tailored Client functionality will improve user productivity and therefore the profitability of the company.

SharePoint Integration - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has out of the box integration with SharePoint, making it even easier to share information with employees and customers alike.